Life is crazy. Life is beautiful.
May you find something here that will help you celebrate
the weird & wonderful blessing of it all!

Rainy Days and Mondays

rainy monday

They don't get me down.  I love rain! I looked for quotes about rain and found most of them quite dreary and had to stop reading.  My choice for today is to see the rain as a source of life, refreshing, cooling, and cleansing.  When the skies are gray our eyes get a bit of a break, the surrounding muscles can relax.  Colors are more vivid when their hues are not washed out by bright sunlight. Continue Reading

What Stands Forever


  The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah 40:8 (ESV) For a list of all of my Just a Moment posts, scroll to the bottom of this post, or click on the image in my sidebar. Continue Reading

The Colors of Fall

tree with fall foliage

Is fall your favorite season?  I don't know if it's mine or not and I try my best to appreciate each season.  If I had a least favorite it would probably be summer, but that's mostly because I don't get along well with extreme heat.  If I were in a different part of the country (or world) I might love summer, too! I spent a moment thinking about what I love about the colors of fall: The Continue Reading

A Makeup Moment – PurMinerals Soul Mattes Palette


Beauty products.  I really like them.  There haven't been too many posts here about them yet but I have to do a ton of research before I invest in them so sharing about the good ones may just help others out there like me! This is supposed to be a moment, a short post, so let me get right down to my favorite things about this palette of eyeshadows. The shadows are all matte - great for Continue Reading

A Moment of Prayer for You


Today is my "busy day", simply meaning the busiest day of my week.  I was ready for bed at noon...I'm not sure what that means I'm ready for now.  So tonight just let me say I'm going to end my day by praying for you, sweet reader.  Those who read tonight and those who will read this at any point in the future.  God already knows what your needs will be, so I know I can trust Him to make the most Continue Reading