Life is crazy. Life is beautiful.
May you find something here that will help you celebrate
the weird & wonderful blessing of it all!

Italian Seasoning Blend

Italian Seasoning Blend

When we decided to make homemade pizza last night I had to mix up a new batch of Italian Seasoning. Then I realized I hadn't shared my recipe yet!  We go through the stuff like crazy (it's my daughter's favorite ethnic food category).  It's so easy to throw in a red sauce for spaghetti or lasagna.  I often bump it up by adding additional herbs or spices, depending on what I am making...but it's Continue Reading

Yes, It IS a Post About Pickles!


If you're not allergic to allium (onions, garlic, etc.) try a little experiment. Next time you are at the grocery store pick up some jars of pickles. Read the labels and try to find some that don't contain "onion (including dehydrated or powder), garlic, spices or natural flavors". This pretty much works for most "packaged" savory foods...but you will have a hard time finding any. If you are Continue Reading

The Blog That Took 5 Years to Launch, Happy New Year, and One Word 2014


...well not quite five full years, but close enough... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray this year is full of blessings, peace and joy for you all. Let's not spend too long on the subject, but I feel like all I've done since starting my blog in 2009 is re-think, re-design, & re-launch!  If you're a blogger, maybe you can relate.  Some sites fit neatly into a niche (author/or wanna-be author, mommy Continue Reading

She’s Coming Baaaaaaaack! {plus important subscriber info}


It's true, I haven't abandoned the ol' blog about the crazy and the beautiful (the weird and the wonderful)! I just needed to take a step back to reevaluate why I'm here in the blog-iverse. Time (a whole lot of it) has been spent praying, dreaming, planning, scheming. There's no point in just taking up cyberspace without a purpose, a vision...some serious intent. It's not that so much is going Continue Reading

Simple is Not Boring


Have I mentioned our drought a time or two thousand?? Well, after 2 big snows we have warmed up and are enjoying a quiet Saturday with a good soaking rain. I do have to venture out to run an errand eventually, but for now I've got beef stock cooking in the pressure cooker for a yummy sounding roast beef recipe we'll have for dinner and loving the sound of the rain. This afternoon we'll cheer Continue Reading