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This will be my last post for the week. What with the blog move, Bible study launches, Bible Club launches, etc. I just haven’t had time to prepare pre-scheduled posts, but I promise I’ll be back next week to share some fun stuff. This evening I head to our conference center for Wonderful Weekend for Women, a great annual fall women’s conference.  The theme is “Interrupted” and has been chosen because of our keynote speaker/Bible teacher Jen Hatmaker.  I can’t wait to meet her and hear what God has to say through her this weekend, because I love her as a sister in Christ already!

Interrupted My first introduction to Jen’s teaching was this study.  Interrupt me it did!  We decided to share it with a small group at our church and I was hoping it would rock their world as it had mine…but they weren’t ready. Since then I have become her friend on Facebook and followed her on Twitter and followed her family’s journey to adopting 2 beautiful children from Ethiopia…it has been a roller coaster for them and those who love them and Jen has been vulnerable and transparent through the whole process {and the obvious adjustments that are continuing}.

That’s the way Jen is.  She’s messy, and imperfect {and so am I, and so are you}, I love that.  She and her husband, Brandon, left their comfortable existence to plant a church in the inner city and develop deep relationships with the down and out around them – to meet their physical needs, so that they might be open to discussing their spiritual needs.  Her life teaches.  I love that. Your life teaches.  My life teaches.  What are we teaching?  She’s beautiful {and so are you, and so am I}.  I love that.

Here are a few examples of her other books/studies.  Check her out…she might not be what your used to in a Christian author/teacher…and I love that!

spincycle moderngirl'sguide seven



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