31 Days of Progress Day 26 :: How to Love Your Adoptive Neighbor

I promise I’m going to post Heart Choices Parts 5 & 6.  But, because today is Thursday {and that’s Campus Kids Bible Club day – and the kiddos need my focus this afternoon}, and because she did a rockin’ great job articulating it I am going to link you to Jen Hatmaker’s post: How to Be the Village.

It is full of just awesome, practical, honest advice on how to love your neighbors through their adoption.  It is also good sensitivity training for many circumstances…so that we will pray & think before we speak and act.

 Have a great day!!

P.S. We discovered my computer was being RAMbunctious, ha ha.  So we’ve changed a setting and ordered some more RAM to hopefully avoid my posting problems for the near future.  Will finish up 31 Days tonight and tomorrow and be getting back to “normal” {whatever that is, right?} after that!  Thanks for sticking it out with me!

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