Weekly Planner – Free Printable

Weekly Planner Printable

You might not be as excited as I am...but after writing yesterday's post about my favorite feature on my weekly planner pages I realized - Hey, I can change a couple of things and offer it as a free printable!  So, as I'm trying to appreciate the little moments I decided I better act on that little inspiration. I've often enjoyed free printables (including planner pages) offered by others so I Continue Reading

My Favorite New Planner Feature


Can we talk, for just a moment, about how much fun I'm having reinstating my paper planner?  I only decided to bring it back a couple of weeks ago and I have already designed and re-designed my weekly pages.  Actually, I could go on and on about a few things, but I'll stick to the one thing I might be the most excited about.  These ideas are not original in and of themselves, but I combined them Continue Reading

Cluttered or Clustered? or The Minor Adjustment That Made Me Stop Hating My Winter Mantel


Earlier this month I posted a peek of some clearance goodies I picked up to help with my winter decorating.  I finally got around to it...BUT, I wondered why I was getting an unsettling feeling every time I walked by my mantel.  I had mostly shopped the house and used items I love and use often...but something was just off.  After a few days I realized what it was.  It just looked too cluttered!  Continue Reading

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Winter!


Are you like me? Do you feel a little blue when all of the greenery, ribbons and sparkle come down after Christmas? On the one hand it's nice to have a little clutter packed up and put away. But on the other hand (anyone else have your mind go immediately to Fiddler On the Roof when you hear that phrase?) it can feel a little bare. I think it was last year I decided to celebrate winter in my Continue Reading

Crazy Good Deal on a Beautiful Hurricane Set (Update)


*Update: I just received my new sleeves already. The catalog shots are a little misleading. The color of the year-round sleeves is actually the same as the Nativity sleeves. Here's a pic* I have received many compliments on my Nativity Hurricane set the last 2 years, so when they are 50% off at DaySpring and now come with interchangeable sleeves for year-round use it's a deal that's just too good Continue Reading