Weekly Planner – Free Printable

Weekly Planner Printable

You might not be as excited as I am...but after writing yesterday's post about my favorite feature on my weekly planner pages I realized - Hey, I can change a couple of things and offer it as a free printable!  So, as I'm trying to appreciate the little moments I decided I better act on that little inspiration. I've often enjoyed free printables (including planner pages) offered by others so I Continue Reading

My Favorite New Planner Feature


Can we talk, for just a moment, about how much fun I'm having reinstating my paper planner?  I only decided to bring it back a couple of weeks ago and I have already designed and re-designed my weekly pages.  Actually, I could go on and on about a few things, but I'll stick to the one thing I might be the most excited about.  These ideas are not original in and of themselves, but I combined them Continue Reading

Old Door Becomes Message Board


Last weekend on Facebook a hint may have been “leaked” about a new project involving a door.  Well, after just a couple of glitches it is finally done and installed! I kind of have a thing for doors {notice what’s hanging in the background behind the sofa}…and windows…and other architectural “stuff” if I can get my hands on it.  Thanks to Craig and his list we picked up 3 doors and 4 Continue Reading

DIY Artwork – Canvas and Coffee Filters


E very time someone tells me I am creative I think “no, not really…I just know something good when I see it and am brave enough to try to duplicate it.” My living room is mostly neutral with pops of accent colors (mainly, turquoise/teal, green, and cranberry).  But recently I decided I wanted to de-emphasize the warm reddish tones for spring and summer and feature the blue and green colors more Continue Reading

Now I “Umber”stand – Mixing Custom Paint Colors


Actually, I already knew this from waaaayyy back when I considered myself more of a “crafter”…but Burnt Umber is my new best friend!  I LOVE color…and I always feel happy when I see bright bold colors, but when it comes to the ones I surround myself with on a daily basis I want them a little more muted.   So, while working on recent projects and not finding the perfect colors the light bulb re-lit Continue Reading