Get Inspired and Take a Leap

If this is your idea of “living dangerously” then please, do it!!  Life is too short not to take a risk every now and then.  During our interview as a couple before husband was called to be Associate Pastor I think I made a statement similar to this: “If it’s not at least a little scary, it’s probably not worth doing”.  This drew a chuckle and a raised eyebrow or two…but I believe it! I can’t Continue Reading

Isn’t She A-door-able?


Her name is Viviana, which apparently means “Lovely” in Italian.  But, don’t tell my husband I actually gave this project a name…because he’ll just shake his head in disbelief {he just doesn’t speak silly-mushy-girly}. Here’ is how she came to live on my wall {and how you might be able to have her cousin come live at your house}: Have a big empty wall {used to have a quilt hanging there Continue Reading