The Gift That Gives Forever {Giveaway Winner Announced}


-{ Well, that was easy! The winner of the $20 DaySpring Giveaway is Ashley H. Congratulations, Ashley! }- One of the greatest things about our celebration of Christmas is that the Gift we celebrate is one that gives and gives through all eternity.  Love came down in the humblest of fashions, in the form of a tiny baby…lived a humble life…died a humble, even humiliating death.  To think that the Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 24 :: DIY Black Furniture and A Message


Each day is full of new lessons to learn, victories to celebrate, and mistakes to keep one humble {oh, and teach us a thing or two}.  I’ve been quiet this week, it started with a 2-day migraine and the rest has been the worst case of insomnia I’ve ever had for a week straight. At my age, 2-4 hours a night is not going to cut it.  I had to use what reliable mental energy I had for feeding my Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 20 :: Cute Fall Color Plus a Giveaway


If you ever attended a Southern Living at Home party back in the day you probably saw the Petals of Light candle holders.  These were a favorite with customers.  I was a consultant for a while {as well as for it’s sister/spin-off company, with which it has now merged to become Willow House}.  Anyway, probably during a special deal I picked up a number of these cute little sets. They were Continue Reading

Winner…That is All

Was waiting to come up with a coherent post to attach the news to, but so much going on I haven’t accomplished that yet.  So, I’ll just get on with it. picked the winner for the $20 DaySpring Gift Code and it was…. Congratulations Suzanne!  I’ll be sending you an email today with the code so you can pick out something fabulous from DaySpring. Thanks for visiting...have a Continue Reading

A Beautiful Tray and a Giveaway!

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24:15b My house is a gift from God…as is everything good and useful in my life.  One of the ways I give Him thanks is to try to make it a warm, welcoming and comfortable venue, not just for visitors, but for my family as well.  This doesn’t require a lot of money, or a degree in interior design.  What I think makes a home inviting is to Continue Reading