Sauteed Kale with Crushed Red Pepper


Happy Weekend! Thought I would end the week by sharing the recipe for Sauteed Kale I served with my Artichoke Chicken. Mostly when I hear about sauteed greens, garlic and often onions are involved. That's great if you can have those things, but I can' I wondered what I might do instead. Here's what I came up with. Quick & easy! I heated a couple - well, now that I look, maybe 3 - Continue Reading

Cheesy Italian Goodness & What Happened to What If? Wednesday?


I had read the weather forecast and knew a barometric pressure change was coming, so Mr. Migraine really didn't need to come visit me in the middle of the night to fill me in...but he did.  So, no What If? Wednesday today, but I thought I would share a yummy recipe before I head back to my dark bedroom. (I'll post a Revolutions update tomorrow or Friday). Sorry, I didn't take a picture last Continue Reading