Get Your Bouillon On!


Maybe when it's called for in a recipe, or you just want to ramp up the flavor in a dish you can simply throw in a cube (or teaspoon) or two of commercial bouillon. That's great if that's how you roll. However, that's just not possible for someone who is allergic to the allium family (onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, chives, etc.).  Besides the dehydrated onion and/or garlic found in every Continue Reading

Mmmmm… Mushroom Stock


What do you do when you want to make recipes that call for condensed cream of mushroom soup, but you can’t use it because the store-bought variety contains onion and/or garlic?  What do you do when you are craving something with a rich mushroom gravy or sauce? What if you need vegetable stock?  Well, in the case of the latter you could make vegetable stock…but today we’re talking about mushrooms!  Continue Reading