The Number One Killer of Women


Do you know the facts about women and heart disease? Truth is, most of the research done and information disseminated in the past has been about men...but women are finding out that the picture is a little different for us, and that we are just as at risk as the fellas. I decided to share about this on Go Red for Women day, because I am at risk for heart disease. In fact, in recent months I Continue Reading

Have You Done This for Your Skin Lately?


There is a particular thing we can do to keep our skin healthy that I find myself neglecting way too often...CLEANING MY MAKEUP BRUSHES. This should really be done weekly to remove residual skin oils and any accumulating bacteria (yuck). So, today I decided that Monday would be for cleaning Makeup Brushes! I need to research the best gentle, natural way to wash my brushes (DO NOT believe the Continue Reading

Tiptoe Through the Two-Tone


It’s been a rough week.  In some ways, one of the worst…not necessarily in outcome of events, but in emotional and spiritual angst, certainly.  I’ve been working on a post for 2 days, which may or may not ever see the light of day here.  It still needs time and prayer. Maybe it’s just for me – catharsis.  Maybe it’ll be something I sense God telling me might help or encourage someone else.  We’ll Continue Reading

Howdy from Kansas!

As soon as a friend shared this last night I knew I would share it with you here.  Love this cute music video made by some Kansas farm dudes.  I can appreciate it even if I am a city girl :).  There's no place like home.  Enjoy! Continue Reading

Please Bear With Me!


**UPDATE 6/16/2012 10:56 AM: Mostly done - woo hoo! Things are pretty much presentable now - all that's left is some organizing, and re-categorizing/tagging.  So, I'll be back Monday!** It's redecorating time again!!  This time the plan is to stick with the design much longer,with the ultimate goal of making the site simpler, easier on your eyes and less complicated to navigate... ...but in Continue Reading