She’s Coming Baaaaaaaack! {plus important subscriber info}


It's true, I haven't abandoned the ol' blog about the crazy and the beautiful (the weird and the wonderful)! I just needed to take a step back to reevaluate why I'm here in the blog-iverse. Time (a whole lot of it) has been spent praying, dreaming, planning, scheming. There's no point in just taking up cyberspace without a purpose, a vision...some serious intent. It's not that so much is going Continue Reading

Simple is Not Boring


Have I mentioned our drought a time or two thousand?? Well, after 2 big snows we have warmed up and are enjoying a quiet Saturday with a good soaking rain. I do have to venture out to run an errand eventually, but for now I've got beef stock cooking in the pressure cooker for a yummy sounding roast beef recipe we'll have for dinner and loving the sound of the rain. This afternoon we'll cheer Continue Reading

Let Me “Q” You In


FINALLY! I love the seasons, but lately southern Kansas has been changing (like over the last several years) and we are getting shorter and shorter spring and fall seasons and milder winters. THAT is why I am so excited about Winter Storm Q!! Besides the changing weather patterns we have been in a nasty drought. Depending on which forecast you believe, we could end up with anywhere between 4 and Continue Reading

Get Your Bouillon On!


Maybe when it's called for in a recipe, or you just want to ramp up the flavor in a dish you can simply throw in a cube (or teaspoon) or two of commercial bouillon. That's great if that's how you roll. However, that's just not possible for someone who is allergic to the allium family (onions, garlic, shallots, leeks, chives, etc.).  Besides the dehydrated onion and/or garlic found in every Continue Reading

Oh, Yes You ARE!


There is something I truly know, without a doubt, no matter your are LOVED! Spent time reminiscing with friends and family earlier today about Valentine's Day during our early school days.  What I seem to remember most is that no matter what the "rules" were, there were ALWAYS children who broke them and excluded the children they didn't like, or who were "different" (aren't Continue Reading