Monday Stuff – Poison T-Shirts, Origami Flowers, Homemade Bread & Such


{1} My weekend started off great, and I was blessed to volunteer at the Women of Faith One Day conference in Wichita on Saturday.  This is a new format for them this year and I thought it was pretty great – especially for those who usually can’t afford the time or expense to attend the weekend events.  My awesome hubby helped me pack my lunch Saturday evening {since my food allergies would keep me Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 1 :: One Step at a Time


I probably can’t remember the last time I posted to the blog 3 days in a row, let alone 31 days. In. A. Row.  For the entire month of October I am taking on the fun and exciting challenge of joining some of my favorite bloggers for 31 days of…well, LOTS of stuff!  So every day this month I will be posting about... prog·ress noun a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage Continue Reading

DIY Artwork – Canvas and Coffee Filters


E very time someone tells me I am creative I think “no, not really…I just know something good when I see it and am brave enough to try to duplicate it.” My living room is mostly neutral with pops of accent colors (mainly, turquoise/teal, green, and cranberry).  But recently I decided I wanted to de-emphasize the warm reddish tones for spring and summer and feature the blue and green colors more Continue Reading

Been There…Getting Ready to Do That

The Party People Last week my sister had a Blog Party!  It was only my second one, ever.  I managed to visit every blogger that linked up with her party {as of earlier today}…that’s right, I visited over 200 blogs in the last week! I decided to do that for me – for fun.  I’m a people-watcher.  I just think God was marvelously creative in creating US!  I love learning about people’s different Continue Reading

Happy Almost Spring – I’m Blog Partying!

March is coming in like a lamb around here {the lion showed up Sunday, a little early}.  I really do enjoy all of the seasons - Spring & Fall are probably close to a tie for my favorite, with Winter close behind.  My sister is hosting a Blog Party this week, so I’m linking up!! It’s always fun to “click” around and check out some other bloggers you might not have come across Continue Reading