31 Days of Progress Day 9 :: Friendly Blog Tips


Category: Living & Learning Goal: Use Time More Efficiently Baby Step: Find tools to make blog reading & writing quicker - - - Today I just wanted to share a couple of simple tools that I have found very valuable while reading my favorite blogs.  Like you, I have to budget the time I spend on my computer.  I read lots of great blogs and web sites every day.  There are ideas I want Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 1 :: One Step at a Time


I probably can’t remember the last time I posted to the blog 3 days in a row, let alone 31 days. In. A. Row.  For the entire month of October I am taking on the fun and exciting challenge of joining some of my favorite bloggers for 31 days of…well, LOTS of stuff!  So every day this month I will be posting about... prog·ress noun a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage Continue Reading

Beautiful – A Holiday Weekend!

Unfortunately no travel, no beaches or beautiful change of scenery planned for this clan…but an extended weekend is always a blessing.  One of the things I will be doing is transitioning my living area decor from spring to summer…nothing huge, just subtle rearranging & repurposing of accessories and a little color transition. I believe I will also spend some time dreaming and planning for Continue Reading

No Cost Too Great

May is Digital Outreach Month. In light of this, 15 bloggers have been participating in a Group Blog Project. We are reading through and blogging about this book together - @stickyJesus: how to live out your faith online. If you are a Christian, God has called you to ministry and evangelism wherever you are…and where most of us are, at least part of the time, is online! Tami Heim and Toni Continue Reading