Artichoke Chicken


This dish was inspired by Pinterest and a guest on The Chew, but I had to make so many changes for my allergies & lifestyle that it's pretty much become my own. It's easy to assemble and stick it in the oven. You do have to baste the chicken every 30 minutes, but oh the wonderful aromas you experience when you do! The ingredients: Preheat the oven to 350, halve your artichoke hearts, Continue Reading

Spicy Slow Cooker Chicken, 3 Ways


Chances are you have seen a version of this recipe on Pinterest or somewhere in blog land.  Well it is quite easy, and here is my own onion-and-garlic-free version…which we managed to spread out and use 3 different ways {this fed 2-3 of us each time…obviously you can increase the quantities for a larger crowd}. Preparation &  Way #1 Here are most of your ingredients {I decided to add a can Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 23 :: Simon & Garfunkel Chicken? Plus Recipe


Okay, that’s actually a pretty bad reach…but when you see the ingredients of my new marinade I used for the chicken my husband grilled the other night it will make a little more sense.  Sorry for the not so pretty picture.  You can see he put a pretty good char on it.  Not so good for us, but it sure did taste good! It feels funny to even call this a recipe.  In fact, I didn’t measure my Continue Reading