Rockin’ Chili & Tex-Mex Seasoning


If you haven't tried making your own seasoning should!  My trying it developed mostly out of necessity, since so many contain onion and/or garlic powder.  I also love the fact that I can control the ingredients, making things as healthy as possible.  Did you know that those seasoning or "mix" envelopes generally contain tons of sodium and other things that aren't so good for you like Continue Reading

Easiest Cinnamon Raisin Bread Ever

Cinnamon Raisin Bread_Slices

I do not exaggerate.  In my opinion the only thing that could possibly be easier is to buy a loaf. That’s pretty easy.  BUT 1) you have to leave your house and burn expensive gasoline and 2) you are likely getting something with a reaaaaaaalllllyyyyy long list of ingredients one can only guess are preservatives and dough conditioners and maybe even {gasp} artificial flavors and colors! Never Continue Reading

Monday Stuff – Poison T-Shirts, Origami Flowers, Homemade Bread & Such


{1} My weekend started off great, and I was blessed to volunteer at the Women of Faith One Day conference in Wichita on Saturday.  This is a new format for them this year and I thought it was pretty great – especially for those who usually can’t afford the time or expense to attend the weekend events.  My awesome hubby helped me pack my lunch Saturday evening {since my food allergies would keep me Continue Reading

Mmmmm… Mushroom Stock


What do you do when you want to make recipes that call for condensed cream of mushroom soup, but you can’t use it because the store-bought variety contains onion and/or garlic?  What do you do when you are craving something with a rich mushroom gravy or sauce? What if you need vegetable stock?  Well, in the case of the latter you could make vegetable stock…but today we’re talking about mushrooms!  Continue Reading

Spicy Slow Cooker Chicken, 3 Ways


Chances are you have seen a version of this recipe on Pinterest or somewhere in blog land.  Well it is quite easy, and here is my own onion-and-garlic-free version…which we managed to spread out and use 3 different ways {this fed 2-3 of us each time…obviously you can increase the quantities for a larger crowd}. Preparation &  Way #1 Here are most of your ingredients {I decided to add a can Continue Reading