Rainy Days and Mondays

rainy monday

They don't get me down.  I love rain! I looked for quotes about rain and found most of them quite dreary and had to stop reading.  My choice for today is to see the rain as a source of life, refreshing, cooling, and cleansing.  When the skies are gray our eyes get a bit of a break, the surrounding muscles can relax.  Colors are more vivid when their hues are not washed out by bright sunlight. Continue Reading

The Change That Matters Most


"Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart." Psalm 51:6 Teach my secret heart, Lord!  Help me to desire most the changes You make in my inward being where You and I walk alone. When I walk with others, may those changes be for their benefit and Your glory. Amen. For a list of all of my Just a Moment posts, scroll to the bottom of this post, Continue Reading

My Favorite New Planner Feature


Can we talk, for just a moment, about how much fun I'm having reinstating my paper planner?  I only decided to bring it back a couple of weeks ago and I have already designed and re-designed my weekly pages.  Actually, I could go on and on about a few things, but I'll stick to the one thing I might be the most excited about.  These ideas are not original in and of themselves, but I combined them Continue Reading

Simple is Not Boring


Have I mentioned our drought a time or two thousand?? Well, after 2 big snows we have warmed up and are enjoying a quiet Saturday with a good soaking rain. I do have to venture out to run an errand eventually, but for now I've got beef stock cooking in the pressure cooker for a yummy sounding roast beef recipe we'll have for dinner and loving the sound of the rain. This afternoon we'll cheer Continue Reading