A Makeup Moment – PurMinerals Soul Mattes Palette


Beauty products.  I really like them.  There haven't been too many posts here about them yet but I have to do a ton of research before I invest in them so sharing about the good ones may just help others out there like me! This is supposed to be a moment, a short post, so let me get right down to my favorite things about this palette of eyeshadows. The shadows are all matte - great for Continue Reading

Have You Done This for Your Skin Lately?


There is a particular thing we can do to keep our skin healthy that I find myself neglecting way too often...CLEANING MY MAKEUP BRUSHES. This should really be done weekly to remove residual skin oils and any accumulating bacteria (yuck). So, today I decided that Monday would be for cleaning Makeup Brushes! I need to research the best gentle, natural way to wash my brushes (DO NOT believe the Continue Reading

Because Your Lashes Shouldn’t Make You Cry


There are enough things in this world to make a girl cry. Sappy movies. Cute babies.  Because it’s Tuesday. Wind. Dust. Allergies. My city is supposed to be the 5th worst in the country this year for allergies...cuz we're Wichitawesome that way.  The last thing a girl needs is for the mascara she puts on every day to make her cry.  Yet, for approximately 120 20 years that was exactly what happened Continue Reading