Cluttered or Clustered? or The Minor Adjustment That Made Me Stop Hating My Winter Mantel


Earlier this month I posted a peek of some clearance goodies I picked up to help with my winter decorating.  I finally got around to it...BUT, I wondered why I was getting an unsettling feeling every time I walked by my mantel.  I had mostly shopped the house and used items I love and use often...but something was just off.  After a few days I realized what it was.  It just looked too cluttered!  Continue Reading

Spring Mantel On a Cloudy Day


  It seems no matter when I want to take home decor pictures I get a cloudy and/or rainy day…but I won’t complain because I love the rain, and we had an unseasonably warm and dry fall and winter! “Mostly Neutral” would be the way I would describe this year’s mantel.  I love the soothing, natural colors. I mostly “shopped the house” of course…except for the 3 pots above (Dollar Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 8 :: Fall Mantel for {Almost} Nothing


Category: Decorating & DIY Goal: Decorate for Fall {Finally} for $0 Baby Step: Mantel – Done! - - - This mantel was kind of a surprise to me.  My trend lately has been “less” with the accessorizing {it’s all relative, of course, my “less” will surely be someone else’s “too much”}.  For some reason, maybe because I am appreciating and working with what I already have, I am okay with Continue Reading