31 Days of Progress Day 19 :: Organizing Spices {Done}


Remember this little project from this post? I reached my little baby-step goal of getting it organized before I went to bed…BEHOLD! I found out some little things like I had 2 full bottles plus a bag of dried bay leaves {good thing I’m planning to make some pickling spice and rework my refrigerator pickles}.  I also still had a couple of things that contained onion powder and garlic Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 15 :: Organizing Spices {Still in Progress}


Category: Cooking & Eating Goal: Cook at home! Baby Step: Organize Spices - - - Maybe someone out there can help me! Maybe? Please? Ha ha.  I have a lot of dried herbs and spices.  Remember me?  Food allergy lady? Must cook everything from scratch {pretty much}?  Well, if I am going to be more disciplined about cooking healthy meals at home, and pre-cooking & freezing for those Continue Reading

31 Days of Progress Day 11 :: Spice Spice Baby


Category: Cooking & Eating Goal: Cook at Home! Baby Step: Discover new spices & recipes - - - Let’s get real. I live smack-dab in the middle of America. When I get inventive and cook for my friends I observe a few things: funny faces made at unfamiliar ingredients and flavors, polite “no thank you”s, secretive picking of “green things” or nuts out of a recipe. So, I’m not really Continue Reading